W Hotel AbuDhabi, 1 more CRYSP farm, our exciting newest addition!

W Hotel Abudhabi

W Hotel Abudhabi launches it’s first CRYSP farm.

The kitchens at your favourite spot in Abu Dhabi are about to benefit from the latest concept in Vertical Hydroponic Farming!

In the spirit of going green, W Abu Dhabi – Yas Island has been taking several steps right from their kitchens to the plate.

The recently concluded 2023 edition of Looped In and this being the year of Sustainability have all been stellar testimonies to the hotel’s focus on inculcating the most environment-friendly practices.

Taking things one step further, they have partnered with Crysp, Vertical Hydroponic Farming. With the world growing increasingly climate-conscious and leaning towards farm-to-table concepts, you can now enjoy the same on Yas Island too!

Being hyper-local, the Crysp farms will exist only a few feet from where you’ll ultimately consume the produce.

Once the farm is up and running (watch this space for updates!), the hotel will receive a fresh supply of hotel-grown products every day! That means less waste and more organic flavour to all your favourite signature dishes.

Aromatic herbs such as basil, rosemary and thyme will be used for Italian delicacies in Amici, while coriander and chives will be the star of the show for more exotic creations in Garage. Also, the various types of salad grown in the vertical farm will help replenish the salad bar or serve healthy juices at the iconic breakfast in Garage.

By eliminating the typical logistics involved with farm products, a Crysp meal at W Abu Dhabi – Yas Island can help our planet heal one meal at a time.

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